Modular devices:

  • Circular knife (10 000 rpm)
  • Notch puncher
  • Drill device
  • Pen device for marking
  • 2xHP45 printing head
  • Oscillating knife (16 000 rpm)
  • Tangential knife for cardboard

SINAJET DG single-ply cutters are mostly used for production in small batches as well as for making samples and bespoke products. The machines achieve fast production and ensure low operating costs.



  • Different modular tools gives flexibility to cut a wide variety of materials in high quality
  • Conveyor cutting carpet allows to cut markers of any length
  • Fabric is fed directly from the roll
  • The machines can be made by custom dimensions
  • Paper and plastic not needed in the cutting process


Sinajet DG can be used to cut:

  • Textiles
  • Technical textiles
  • Composites
  • Special materials
  • Cardboard for packaging
  • Graphics