590 E-70/150 Spreading System

● Automatic spreading machine with a unique cradle feeder design;
● Interactive touch-screen control;
● Accurate and tension free spreading possible with all fabric types like lycra, denim, jersey, technical textiles etc.;
● Digitally adjustable spreading speed and acceleration / deceleration;
● Brushless servo motors make it possible to adjust speed in high precision;
● 4 wheel-drive;
● Maximum lay height 18cm (14cm with zig-zag device);
● Electronic control of fabric tension;
● Selvage alignment measured by infra-red laser technology;
● Automatic stop of end fabric;
● Suitable for straight and reverse rolls;
● Partial and total lays planning / counting by steps/colour;
● Possibility to spread with or without catcher device;
● Lay thickness measured with infra-red laser technology.

590 E-70
  • Motorized loaders from floor/table;
  • Operator platform, with sliding movement;
  • Zig- zag device (maximum lay height 14cm);
  • Kit quality: Front and Rear extra belts;
  • Bar-code scanning system for marker data loading.
Working width (cm) 180 200 220
Overall dimensions L x W x H (cm) 142 x 320 x 120 142 x 340 x 120 142 x 360 x 120
Weight (Kg) 475 480 485
Installed power (kW) 3 3 3,2
Average consumption (kW/h) 1,8 1,8 2
Power supply voltage 400V±10%
Maximum roll diameter (cm) 50/100
Maximum roll weight (kg) 70/150
Maximum spreading speed (m/min) ~100

Custom working widths are available subject to technical approval.
With the aim of improving its machinery FKgroup reserve the right to change the technical characteristics without prior notice.