Wide-format plotters are used to print and cut patterns, grading nests and markers as they are in their natural size. The printed marker is placed on the fabric and then cut. It helps you to exclude the drawing operation on the fabric or cardboard pattern use. Thus it increases the efficiency and accelerates the workflow, makes the cutting quality smarter and better.

To start plotting, the plotter file should be prepared (plt-file as a rule). We offer several plotters for our CAD-system

Sinajet Popjet C

cost-effective and reliable solution to marker printing

These plotters can have 1.6 m or 1.8 m plotting width, 1 or 2 printing heads. They are easy-to-use, reliable and high-productive plotters.

  • USB/LAN port
  • easy way to change the roll
  • closed loop servo-control system
  • Software platform: Windows 10/8/7/XP (32/64 bit)
  • Ability to work with all CAD systems that can create .plt files
  • competitive prices
Model 1600-1HP/1800-1HP 1600-2HP/1800-2HP
Maximum plotting width 165 / 185 cm
Plotting speed 42 m2/hr 80 m2/hr
Printing resolution 300 dpi
Media density 40-80 g/m2
Number of printing heads 1 2
Ink type HP51645A/HP51645B


These plotters are a high-quality andeco-friendly European product

The plotters are available in 1.8 m and 2.2 m plotting widths, and can work with 2 or 4 printing heads. The automatic ink level control allows you to print with an incomplete set of cartridges. The marker can be delivered on the shaft or free-paper-on-front.

  • ultra-light aluminum shaft
  • free paper-on-front delivery
  • rapid paper roll exchange system
  • reduced ink consumption
  • ink level control
  • Software platform: Windows 10/8/7/XP (32/64 bit)
  • Ability to work with all CAD systems that can create .plt files
Model TDOT 180 / 220 2HP TDOT 180 / 220 4HP
Maximum plotting width 180 / 220 cm
Plotting speed 70 m2/hr 130 m2/hr
Number of print heads 2 4
Media density > 20 g/m2
Noise level < 40 dB
Ink type HP51645 and compatible

Sinajet Popjet G

vertical Inkjet cutting plotter allows the user to
print and cut patterns

The G-series plotters combine plotting and cutting functions. They can have 1.2/1.6/1.8 m plotting and cutting width. The plotters are used by small manufacturers, designers or freelancers for pattern development.

  • both printing and cutting functions realized,
  • perfect thin and thick paper cut,
  • two paper rolls installed,
  • low-cost set of blades,
  • dot/dash line cutting
Model 1600G
Maximum plotting/cutting width 165 cm
Plotting speed 40 m2/hr (HP45)
Cutting speed 1200 mm/sec (HP45)
Media density, plotting 40-350 g/m2
Media density, cutting 80-300 g/m2
Ink type HP51645 and compatible

Sinajet FG Cutter

flatbed cutter for thick media pattern marking and cutting
FG Series cutter

The cutter has got a fixed cutting window, a pinting head and a knife. It allows the user to cut thick cardboard patterns and print text on them, proving to be one of the most reliable and low-cost cutters of this family.

  • HP 45 Inkjet technology,
  • ultra light table
  • low noise and low energy consumption,
  • thick paper/cardboard cutting,
  • vacuum adsorption
Model 1209 1509 1512
Plotting/cutting dimentions 120 x 90 cm 150 x 90 cm 150 x 120 cm
Plotting speed 40 m2/hr
Cutting speed 1 m/sec
Media thickness 0.1-1.1 mm
Precision/td> 0.1 mm
Ink type HP51645 and compatible