Base patterns

Open base pattern data bank allows users to create high quality garments in a fast and easy way way (jackets, pants, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc.).

Custom solutions

We are flexible to adapt Comtense CAD software to your order management or accounting systems, develop custom functions and file formats.

All pattern development methodologies

Comtense CAD can be used with every pattern development methodology. The process can be performed with the help of the formulas, additions, coefficients, body measurements or the user can do it from his own experience. The system allows confidently designing any structure, even with complex forms and non-standard elements.

Reliable technical support

Free technicail support and software updates during the two year warranty period. After the warranty, technical support is provided on-demand. Mandatory support contracts are not required.

Compatibility with peripherals

Possibility to use a wide variety of peripheral devices - digitizers, printers, plotters, automatic cutters.

File sharing

The system can import models from other CAD systems in DXF AAMA format. Using a software extension also enables users to export models in DXF AAMA.


Comtense CAD can be used in English, German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian languages.

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